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Welcome to Reliable Electrical Services. Reliable Electrical Services is South Florida’s best electrical contractor with a tradition of meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs. Reliable Electrical Services provides exceptional service and quality on every project no matter how large or small.

Reliable Electrical Services is a leading contractor in the electrical industry providing our customers with reliable, skilled craftsmen with the integrity to install each job like it was their own. Complete satisfaction is our goal and no job is finished until our customer is satisfied. Each job is quality inspected for your peace of mind.

We are the ones to trust.

Our Services

At Reliable Electrical Services, we realize that a happy customer is the best advertisement a company could ever ask for.  Almost half of our projects are acquired through repeat business and most of the remaining projects are obtained through referrals from happy customers.  Our employees understand that “good enough” does not grow a business.  We want our employees to be able to walk away from a job knowing that should they ever need further assistance, they will think of Reliable Electrical Services FIRST for all of their electrical needs.

Our services include:

  • 24-hour emergency electrical services
  • Electrical installation
  • Electrical remodeling
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Home rewiring
  • Switches and outlets
  • Service panel upgrades
  • Generators
  • Home safety
  • Residential/commercial lighting
  • …and much, much more!

Trust in the knowledge and experience of the expert technicians at Reliable Electrical Services. We are your local Boca Raton Electricians and are ready to solve any electrical problem your home is experiencing, so call today!

The Reliable Electrical Services Difference

Our personnel have years of experience in the electrical and communication industry.  Their professionalism, skill and courteous attitude set them apart from most other companies and are a primary reason why Reliable Electrical Services has become the company we are today.

Contact your local Boca Raton electricians at Reliable Electrical Services today to learn more about how we can provide top quality electric and lighting solutions for your home or business. Complete satisfaction is our goal!

Areas We Serve

June 6, 2014

Whole Home Electrical Diagnostic in Boca Raton Resort and Club

Electrical Inspections Will Ensure Safety

If every time you turn on the lights they flicker, or you can't use the hairdryer and TV at the same time because the breaker trips, then you know something is wrong with your electrical system. That's not tough to figure out. The hard part is determining what's causing those issues. That's where Reliable Electrical Services comes in.  Diagnosing and repairing electrical problems is not for untrained, so leave it to us. Our expert electricians will be ... Read More
April 25, 2014

Service Panel Installation in Boca Tierra of Boca Raton

Safely Use Your Home's Appliances with a Panel Upgrade

Electrical service panels allow you to successfully - and safely - use your household electronics without interruption. But, there will come a time when the one you currently have will not work sufficiently enough for your needs. When that time comes, the only solution is a panel upgrade. So, what are these instances that may require upgrades?
  • Old, outdated panel: At the time these were installed, home's electrical appliances were not as powerful as ... Read More
April 23, 2014

Whole Home Surge Protector Installation in Boca Tierra of Boca Raton

Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fire with Surge Protection

The fact is that many people don't know a whole lot about electricity. As a homeowner, you probably understand the basics, and at Reliable Electrical, we don't expect you to know much more than that. But, in order to properly protect yourself from electrical shock or fire, you should hear what we have to say about whole home surge protection. First and foremost: Do you know exactly what a power surge even is? Well, power ... Read More