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March 15, 2017

6 Tips for Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical troubleshooting is one of the most vital things to do for your home this season. Even if you think your home’s electrical system is current working well, you may still encounter problems like flickering lights, damaged outlets, frayed wiring, outdated electrical fixtures, and more. If you plan on having guests over the house, it will be difficult to entertain them when your home is loaded with faulty electricity. Even if you’re not planning to be a host this season, ... Read More
February 28, 2017

When Should You Replace Electrical Outlets?

Without electrical outlets, you probably would not be able to live in your home at all. So many appliances are reliant on outlets to provide them with a steady flow of power, including the ones you use every day like coffee makers refrigerators, vacuums, televisions, and so much more. However, nothing can last forever, and outlets can soon become one of the most hazardous features in your home. Plugging an appliance into an old, faulty outlet may kick ... Read More

February 8, 2017

5 Lighting Upgrades to Consider For Your Home

Lighting upgrades should be atop your list of priorities this season if you think your home could use a bit of a boost. The winter is generally a darker time of year, with nighttime arriving much earlier. You’ll be using lights much more often just to navigate across your home safely. If your home isn’t equipped with comfortable lighting, it may do a number on your indoor atmosphere. Sure, perhaps cabinet lighting or book shelf lighting may not ... Read More

January 18, 2017

Electrical Upgrades to Start Off the New Year

Electrical upgrades for the New Year should be the first priority for every homeowner. If you want to keep your safe secure especially for your family, then making some adjustments to your home might just do that for you. According to the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 50,000 fires are caused by faulty electrical systems in homes each year. This means having updated electrical systems can take your home a long way. Unfortunately, 450 death have occurred due to ... Read More
December 30, 2016

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Electrical Service

Electrical service is a great way to kick off 2017 if you want to make sure you have a steady flow of power. After all, this is a time to make a fresh start, and there’s no better way to do that than by supplying your home with highly efficient power. Not maintaining your home’s electrical system is certainly not the way to start the year. Allowing any electrical problems to persist in your home may result in a wide ... Read More
November 16, 2016

What to Consider For Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection keeps the power running in your house, even when a storm outside threatens to prevent you from using your most essential appliances. Every year here in Florida, storms cause power surges that can damage your electronics and potentially cause damage to your central A/C unit, leaving you to spend more money on electrical repairs and replacement. If the damage occurs in the middle of a hot summer, it also increases discomfort for your ... Read More

November 3, 2016

8 Ways to Maintain Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and carbon monoxide detection is one of the most important features of your home. It can save your life and help you avoid situations like fires or gas leaks. However, if you don’t take steps to maintain them, you may find yourself left without any protection, and may face several costly, if not fatal, consequences. Though smoke detection is meant to alert you of smoke, a fire may spread quickly throughout your home if the detector ... Read More

October 25, 2016

Electrical Rewiring For This Fall

Electrical rewiring is highly important for both ensuring convenience and safety in your home. If your home’s wiring is beginning to look a little worse for wear, you may think it’s time for something new, especially when keeping old, frayed wiring in the house can be a huge safety hazard. However, for more complex electrical work, it is better to not attempt it yourself. The risks of DIY electrical work are far too great. Electrical shock can ... Read More

October 18, 2016

5 Options for Outdoor Safety Lighting

Outdoor safety lighting should not be overlooked this fall. According to the FBI, a home in the United States is broken into every 18 seconds. That adds up to nearly 200 per hour and over 4,800 break-ins every day. This statistic may sound jarring at first, but it’s incredible to think how much it can be lowered if more homeowners invested in outdoor safety lighting. Intruders will feel less inclined to break into a home with an effective ... Read More

October 10, 2016

7 Questions to Ask During An Electrical Safety Inspection

An electrical safety inspection is highly important this fall. A single frayed wire or damaged outlet may prove to be the one thing puts your home at a far greater risk of fires and the well-being of your family in danger. When you look at the statistics, neglecting your electrical safety needs may be your most costly mistake. An average of 51,000 fires are reported each year, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI). Your home may just ... Read More