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March 14, 2013

8 Emergency Electrical Repair Services in Delray Beach

When you have an electrical emergency you have no time to waste – you need to call a professional as soon as you can. Here are eight emergency electrical repair services in Delray Beach that we provide at Sun Electrical Works.  

Broken Outlets and Switches in Delray Beach

A broken outlet or switch can be an extremely dangerous problem that can lead to electrocution or a fire. If you notice one, call Sun Electric Works immediately so we can send a technician ... Read More
March 12, 2013

Electrician in Delray Beach Responds to No Power Call

Sun Electric Works will have an electrician in Delray Beach to respond to a no power call anytime the lights go out in your home. While this is a common problem, that doesn’t make it any less annoying – and in some instances, even dangerous. If you lose power and the source of the outage is not the utility company, call us so we can examine the problem. There are many different reasons for power loss; some are caused by faulty ... Read More
March 7, 2013

Same Day Electrical Repair in Delray Beach

If you have a problem with your electricity you have a big problem. Your comfort – and in many instances, even your safety – depend on having a steady flow of power to your home. If something goes wrong you need it fixed, and you need it fixed quickly. That’s why Sun Electric Works offers same day electrical repair in Delray Beach. We want your power up and running as quickly as possible as much as you do. That is why ... Read More
February 27, 2013

Panel Replacement Palm Beach

Federal Pacific and Zinsco Panels Outdated and Unreliable

As a homeowner, you know the number one thing you don't want to mess around with is electricity. And, unfortunately, electrical wiring and panels is probably not something you know all that much about. But that's okay - that's why Reliable Power System is here. We want to caution you against certain electrical panels, as they can be fire hazards in your home. In addition, we offer top quality panels with great warranties to ... Read More